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Goddess Gift: A Woman's
Guide to Discovering the Goddess Within


      Table of Contents

Goddess Gift
by Sharon Turnbull


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She Is
Preface: On Being a Woman

Part One:
The Goddess Within


1. The Patterns of Your Life
2. Accessing the Divine in the Female Psyche
3. The Archetypes in the Foundation of a
Woman’s Personality

Part Two:
Discovering the Goddess Within

  4. The Goddess Quiz

Part Three:
The Four Archetypes in the Foundation of
A Woman’s


5. The Lover Archetype
   ~ Aphrodite: The Myth
   ~ Aphrodite: The Archetype
6. The Mystic Maiden Archetype
   ~ Psyche: The Myth
   ~ Psyche: The Archetype
7. The Warrior Woman Archetype
   ~ Atalanta: The Myth
   ~ Atalanta: The Archetype
8. The Queen Archetype
   ~ Hera: The Myth
   ~ Hera: The Archetype

Part Four:
Meeting the Goddess Archetypes in Their Myths

  9. Lovers
   ~ Bast: Playfulness
   ~ Freya: Sexuality and Passion
   ~ Parvati: Going For What You Want
   ~ Rhiannon: Confidence
   ~ Aphrodite: Self-Love
10. Mystic Maidens
   ~ Hecate: Tolerance
   ~ Persephone: Following Your Dream
Isis: Resourcefulness
   ~ Sophia: Spiritual Wisdom
   ~ Psyche: Personal Growth
11. Warrior Women
   ~ Pele: Boundaries
   ~ Artemis: Assertiveness
   ~ Kali: Relentless 
   ~ Athena: Knowledge
   ~ Atalanta: Autonomy 
12. Queens
   ~ Yemaya: Comfort 
   ~ Demeter: Resolve
   ~ Mazu: Protection
Tara: Compassion 
   ~ Hera: Commitment
Part Five:
Five Goddess Paths: Welcoming the Goddess
Into Your Life

13. The Path of Ritual
14. The Path of Play
15. The Path of Wisdom
16. The Path of Solitude

17. The Path of Action

Part Six:
Becoming the Goddess You Were Meant to Be
  18.  The Triple Goddess: Seasons of a Woman's Life
19.  The
Great Goddess
20.  Dragons Be Here
Closing the Circle

Appendix A: The Great Goddess: Celebrating Our Divine 
by Laurie Sue Brockway

Excerpt from Goddess Gift: The Warrior Woman Archetype  
An Invitation


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