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Goddess Gift, a book about the goddess within, was released in February 2007. Be sure to explore the site and learn more about this ground-breaking goddess book that contains a self-scoring version of the popular Goddess Quiz to help you discover your personal goddess type.


 Invite the goddess
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The Goddess Book  | Goddess Gift
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~ Introduction to the Book
~ An Excerpt from the Book
~ Accessing the Divine Feminine: Excerpt from the Book

 Book Author and Events
Sharon Turnbull, The Author of Goddess Gift

The Author's Philosophy
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A Book About Goddesses:  A True Amazon
Create A Goddess Contest 2007
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The Goddess   Book Reviews
Rave Reviews for Goddess Gift
Books About Goddess Mythology
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Review of Empowering Women

The Goddess Quiz
~Goddess Quiz: Discover the Goddess Within~

~ A Goddess Meditation ~

The Goddess Gift E-Zine
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The Goddess Path Newsletter
Archives 2006-2008

Wandering in the Wilderness
Moon Goddesses
Venus of Willendorf: Body Fat as a Goddess Virtue?

New Growth
Goddesses Dreaming in Color
Winter Solstice and Traditions of Yule
Announcing the Winners
Create A Goddess Contest Voting
The Goddess Tara :: White and Green
"Found" Goddesses Contest Details
Surrounded by Goddesses
Create A Goddess Contest
Goddess Gaia Calls You to Nurture the World
Ostara and the Easter Bunny
Persephone Pays A Visit: Spring Rites
Fire and Ice: Pele & Sedna

The Goddess Lives!
Spreading Light
A Goddess Meditation

Archives 2003-2004

Winter Solstice and Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom
Hera and Hephaestus
Labyrinths, Baubo, Hecate, & the History of Halloween
Arachne and Athena

The Goddess Psyche's Last Lesson
Mnemnosyne and the Muses
Gaia, Great Mother Of Us All
The Goddess Ostara and the History of Easter
Wild Women Prayer
Synchronicity & the Goddess Mazu (Ma Tsu)

White Space: Freya & Artemis
Pagan Holiday Traditions, Freya & Baldur, Rhiannon
Witches & Broomsticks
Hecate, Samhain, and All Souls Day
Bast, The Cat Goddess (Meow!)
Goodness! White Tara, Green Tara
Summertime: Goddess Books
Goddess Shop and the Gallery Of Goddess Art
Egyptian Goddess Isis
Women's Humor
Beauty, Adventure, and Peace
Valentine's Day and the Goddess Juno
The Goddess Path

Contest: Found Goddesses
The Goddesses You Created

We invite you to rediscover yourself through the Goddess. We hope, through the Goddess Gift Newsletter, that you will embrace a comforting truth about your self that you are unique in your humanness and divine in what constitutes you . . . a beautiful, wondrous aspect of spirit.

The Goddess Gift Newsletter is a free, monthly Goddess Gift e-zine that celebrates the goddess within every woman and explores how we can incorporate the ancient energies of the goddess in our contemporary  lives.

Please  join us in this celebration of the inner goddess and the feminine divine.

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