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Goddess Gift : Discover Your Goddess Type
Release date: Feb 2, 2007

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We invite you to rediscover yourself through the Goddess. We hope, through the Goddess Gift Newsletter, that you will embrace a comforting truth about your self that you are unique in your humanness and divine in what constitutes you . . . a beautiful, wondrous aspect of spirit.

The Goddess Gift Newsletter is a free, monthly ezine that celebrates the goddess within every woman and explores how we can incorporate the ancient energies of the goddess in our contemporary  lives.

We invite you to join us in this celebration of the inner goddess and the feminine divine.

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 Imagine . . . a book about goddesses and the goddess within you. . . a book that speaks to the woman ready to connect with her inner goddess, her unique personality type . . . a woman ready to have the life she was always meant to live.    Make room for this goddess book on your book shelf and turn to it often for instant inspiration.    : : : : : : :   You can buy the Goddess Gift book online, at amazon books, or from the book publisher, Quiet Time Press.   : : : : : : :    Get to know the quthor, Sharon Turnbull, Ph.D .   : : : : : :    Search for book reviews and recommendations on goddess books and self-help books about personal transformation.   : : : : : :   Hera? Athena? Aphrodite? Which goddess type are you? Take the Goddess Quiz and discover your goddess within.   : : : : : :   Let your inner goddess grow!