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            Luoyang Haotai Copper Co., Ltd. is a brand enterprise that integrates credit management and processing of high quality copper products. The company now has world-class production and testing equipment, and can independently design, develop, and produce more than 1,000 products. At present, in order to better satisfy users' special love for products, the company builds a good cooperative relationship with major copper processing companies in China by its own advantages, with high quality copper products, reasonable prices of copper materials, and the shortest delivery date. Satisfy the user's various product needs. Processing and sales of copper alloy copper products covers: various types of specifications of copper, copper, copper, copper, copper, copper, copper, special-shaped copper and other major categories; copper alloy type products are: none Oxygen copper, copper, brass, bronze, white copper and so on. Copper strips: oxygen-free copper, super thick copper, nickel white copper, copper water stop, transformer copper, copper door, RF cable, water tank copper, lead frame copper, etc.; brass pipe: large diameter purple Copper pipe, condenser copper pipe, crystallizer copper pipe, air-conditioner-dedicated copper pipe, naval brass pipe, oxygen-free copper rod, copper rod, brass rod, lead brass rod, phosphor bronze rod, aluminum bronze rod and each Kinds of complex alloy pipe rods; copper row: copper bus bar, conductive copper bar, electric copper bar, grounding copper bar and so on.

            Our company's products rely on first-class technical equipment and production capacity, through rigorous production management, in terms of quality, our corporate testing center is equipped with advanced performance, complete range of large-scale precision analysis and testing, including the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries. The equipment, under the protection of high detection means, enables the product to meet the needs of the user for special product performance and special requirements. So that the products are widely used in aerospace, ships, military, metallurgy, electronics, machinery and electronics, textiles, transportation, construction, chemicals, light industry, energy and other national economic fields.

            During the development of the company, successively introduced advanced production equipment and testing instruments from developed countries in Europe. Through continuous technological transformation of the production line, the company maintained its leading position in the domestic equipment level, and the main production line reached world-class level. The company’s product quality continued to increase. The continuous innovation of varieties and the realization of sustainable development of the company have provided strong guarantees; they have always been in the domestic copper processing industry in terms of production and sales scale, production technology, product variety, product quality, technical equipment, personnel quality, sales revenue, and profits and taxes. Leading position and have a certain influence in the international copper processing industry. At present, the company's products can not only meet the needs of all walks of life in China, but also exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, the United States and Germany.

            The company takes "quality first, customer first, solidarity and practicality, and high quality innovation" as its tenet. "Bronze products, gold quality credit" is the company's eternal business philosophy, and the company's "win-win" is the eternal pursuit of the company. The goal is to cooperate with you in good faith, common development and create a better tomorrow!

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