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          Let the children of the village lie in the sea of knowledge

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            For the children in the city, it is not unusual to find a few books that you like. However, for the vast number of children in the mountains, because there are no bookstores and libraries in the mountains, you need to find several books that you like. Reading is particularly difficult, and the school library has become the only extracurricular reading place for children. However, the books in the school library are also very limited, and it is difficult to meet the needs of students. Children's books with a strong sense of the times have also become One of the problems that most mountain schools are in urgent need of solving.

            On December 31, 2017, Luoyang Volunteer Association organized a large-scale charity event entitled “Love Donation” as an advanced copper business unit in Luoyang and also as a co-organizer of this event. Mr. Tang Hao, general manager of our company, In order to revive the reading dreams of the children in rural areas, Mr. Yan Hongtao, the deputy general manager, also donated a batch of materials to the children in the mountains for a responsibility.

            Giving people roses, leaving the rest of the fragrance; love is not alms, but a sacred duty. Love is a dream, love is hope. On the road of charity, you and I also have love. Let love pass in every one of us. May all the children in the world have a bright future!





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