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Rome wasn't built in a day. . . neither was this site! 
We had a lot of help from others who were willing to share their expertise and resources to help us build goddess-gift.com
and to introduce it to the world. 
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	Goddess Book Now Available


Goddess Gift: Discover
Your Goddess Type

Self-accepting, sure of herself, ready to love, laugh, and to live with intent— that is a woman deeply connected with her inner goddess!

This site is devoted to sharing a book that shows you how to find and nurture your goddess within and containing a self-scoring mini-version of the popular Goddess Quiz online.


Men, Myths, Minds   A site combining Greek mythology and archetypal psychology, bringing you the fascinating stories of the Greek gods and the ways they influences the motivations, behaviors, and relationships of modern men. Home of the Greek Gods personality test online.

Goddess Quiz and myths

Goddess Gift  A site that celebrates, nurtures, and shares understandings
of the goddess in everywoman.

Featuring the goddess myths, symbols and meditations, goddess art and shop for jewelry & pendants, goddess shrines and statues, aromatherapy oils and soaps.
Home of the popular Goddess Quiz online.


Pagan Nation


Colin Heaney Art Glass Studio


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