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The Goddess Within

If you asked me what I came into this world to do,

I will tell you: I CAME TO LIVE OUT LOUD!

            --Emile Zola

Imagine a woman in touch with her ancient feminine powers, wise, intuitive, energetic, and compassionate. This is a woman on the path to becoming the goddess that she was meant to be.

Goddess Gift Book

Goddess Gift: Discover
Your Goddess Type

Quiet Time Press

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10digit ISBN: 1-884743-07-2
13 digit ISBN: 978-1-884743-07-8

If you hope to:

  • embark on a journey of self-discovery,

  •  empower your self with intention and feel a greater sense of control over your life, or

  •  just catch you breath and reflect on the patterns of your life,

then this might plant you firmly on the path to self-fulfillment.

Women who live abundant lives share one important trait -- they have learned how to access and use the power of their personalities.


 How do they do it? They may listen to the opinions and the advice of others, but they insist on examining their own lives, noticing the trends and looking at what is working and what is not, realizing what is valuable and real for them as individuals, not just listening to what others think is best for them.

But more importantly, they live their lives with self-acceptance and intention, refusing to let their dreams die, their visions fade, or to allow themselves to be satisfied with a life of mediocrity.

 In short, they live like goddesses.

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