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The goddess is with each of us every day, embedded deep within our psyches and woven into the very fabric of our lives. Goddess Gift is a guide to recognizing your inner goddess and learning to harness her incredible energies in your life.

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Goddess Gift: Discover
Your Goddess Type

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13 digit ISBN: 978-1-884743-07-8

Warriors and lovers, mothers and daughters, queens and crones all offer important lessons about ourselves and the world around us.

Using the myths of several goddesses as models, Goddess Gift gives women concrete images and specific ways of thinking and being—ways to grow and to be strong while remaining fully female.

Goddess Gift is a delightful, fun and informative guide on the goddesses and how they can empower you and help you shape the patterns of your life.


Twenty-eight goddesses from various traditions will share their stories and their life-affirming lessons with you, helping you tap into the healing energy of the Goddess. You will enjoy learning myths, mantras, and meditations as you explore the Goddess Path.

Goddess Gift features a mini-version of the popular Goddess Quiz which will help you recognize your own personal goddess archetype—the first step to starting the life that you were meant to live.

Whether you want to address a specific issue or explore the enigmatic areas of your psyche, this book will help you understand the patterns of your life and plant you firmly on the path to your personal fulfillment.

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Imagine . . . a book about goddesses and the goddess within, a book that speaks to the woman ready to find her way on the Goddess Path.: : Meant for a woman ready to meet her inner goddess and have the life she was always meant to live.   : :  Make room for this goddess book on your book shelf and turn to it often for instant inspiration.    : :    Goddess Gift book is available online, at amazon books, or from the book's publisher, Quiet Time Press.   : :  Get to know Sharon Turnbull, author of Goddess Gift, by reading the author biography and her personal philosophy at this site.   : :   While you're here, browse for online book reviews and recommendations on goddess books and self-help books about personal transformation.