The Goddess Path  Issue #043

Mothers of the World

May, 2006

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It's A Dirty Job, but Somebody's Gotta Do It!
The Gift of Self Discovery
The Egyptian Goddess Nut

Mother's Day : Origins of the Holiday
Making the World A Better Place: Join With Others to Do Just That

"Nobody loves me but my mother. . . and she could be jivin', too",  bluesman B.B. King once lamented. He was giving voice to the most basic of all human anxieties. If your mother doesn't love you, then who will?


No one but a mother is willing to endure neglect and hurt feelings, nor to risk martyrdom. Who else has such a powerful impulse for connectedness that they wholeheartedly suspend all rational thought to embrace the idea that the "Very Best Kind of Jewelry" is the kind you get on Mother's Day -- jewelry crafted from household refuse such as pasta, styrofoam chips, and paper clips?

No, life as we know it would hardly be the same if it weren't for mothers nurturing and guiding the children . . . not to mention the overprotective mothers who, in spite of all our accomplishments, still treat us like babies.

This is not to say that mothers are always a comfort. (As my friend puts it, "If it's not one thing, it's my mother!")  Mothers are supposed to make us suffer. It's in their job description.

First they squeeze us out into the cold, cruel world, and then they follow up on that by setting impossible standards and demanding that we meet them. Then, having taught us the skills we need to make our way in the world, they promptly shove us out of the nest, and expect us to remember to call and visit every now and then.

But even when we forget to call because we're too busy, a mother always manages to forgive us. She recognizes that we are doing just what she always intended for us, living our lives to the fullest.

Former-vice-president Dan Quayle gave us this quote. It may be a malapropism, but it contains a measure of wisdom: "Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child." 

Something Enjoyable for Mother's Day

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it."    --Mark Twain

If your mom's already got all the macaroni necklaces she could ever enjoy, why not give her something a little different this year . . . the gift of self-discovery . . . a gift certificate for the Goddess Quiz. What better way to let her know that she'll always be a goddess to you!

 Mother's Day Special
 Gift Certificates to Take The Goddess Quiz
Goddess Quiz Certificates

The Mother of All Gods, the Egyptian Goddess Nut

Mother's Day celebrations, like many contemporary holidays, have strong links to ancient pagan festivals:

For centuries the pagans and Christians have celebrated the contributions of mothers in:

  • Hilaria, the three day festival honoring Gaea and Rhea

  • Creation of the "Mother Church" and the war with the "White Goddess"

  • "Mothering Sunday"

  • The Festival of St. Brigid

You can read all about it at:
History of Mother's Day Celebrations

But the very first Mothers Day celebrations were held to honor the Mother of All Gods, the Egyptian goddess Nut.

The poor goddess had to labor for so long to deliver them all that the Egyptians had to add five days to their calendar so that she could get it down . . . and that is how we came to have 365 days in a year instead of the 360 days that were in the ancient calendar!

Read the myths of :
Goddess Nut

The History of Mother's Day

Few of us are aware of the history of our modern celebration of Mother's Day, a holiday that in the USA had its roots in the child welfare and peace movements. 

  • "Woman's Work Day for Child Welfare"

  • "Mothers March for Peace"

  • A perpetual memorial created for a mother who died

  • Founder of Mother's Day arrested protesting against it

Making Art

In my mind's eye I can see a few years into the past--there are three "little "goddesses-in-waiting" furiously creating their first goddess art. One is snipping and pasting bits of colorful paper onto a carefully folded card, while another carefully strings beads of macaroni into a fine necklace and the third is carefully tracing images from her favorite book children's stories.

Maybe that wasn't the way it actually was . . . but the Goddess Art gallery is pleased to bring you the work of Lauren Curtis (art prints and greeting cards, Susan Daugherty (handpainted glassware) and Valoree Pembroke (goddess jewelry and prayer beads).

Some serious talent here and we've just added the current work of these artists to our collection -- So take a few minutes to check out their more recent work at the Goddess Art gallery online.

Making Mother Proud

Mother's Day is still much more than just a “Hallmark® holiday”, However far it has migrated from its origins. Its meaning is greater than remembering to send a book or a card and flowers, or even hanging out with the family.  More, even, than expressing gratitude for the instrument by which you came to be.

It is an opportunity to recognize that we are part of something universal, that we are all connected, all sons and daughters of this earth, with the same blood flowing in our veins and the same needs and desires.

 It is about honoring each other, and seeking the spark of Divinity which resides in each and every one of us.

Would you like to be part of a growing community of people, all sharing the vision of creating a better world?

Would YOU like to change the world and make it a better place, in some small way?

There is a new opportunity to do just that!  Thousands of us are going to gather on the web and you are invited to join us.

Then go here now: http://ShareThisSite.com It's free and it will give you many, many ways to share your personal gifts with the world.

In closing, a reminder  ....

that whether or not we’re fortunate to be bound to "our Mothers" by blood ties,
we should give thanks for all those women who have been the spiritual mothers in our lives. 

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