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The Goddess Gift Newsletter

Issue #49

Halloween: Hugs,
Hecate and History

October, 2006

hecate and halloween

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~ Trick or Treat
~ The G
oddess Hecate
Hugs for Halloween
(a warm fuzzy video that will touch your heart)

 It's time for Samhain and Halloween, and I'm writing this brief issue to send you best wishes for both . . . and a great big hug!

News Flash: We just published an article titled Trick or Treating: Where the Goddess and the Church Collide. I learned a lot researching the article and realized how little most of us know about 'why we do the things we do'.

Here's a link: Halloween customs, Samhain, and the goddess Hecate (Article)

 It's just been submitted to some of the ezine directories, so if you're looking for an article for your own newsletter, feel free to reprint it, just so long as you use the resource box (i.e., the credits) at the bottom of the article.

 Bet you didn't know that the Halloween custom of Trick or Treating has its origin in Greek traditions honoring the goddess Hecate (the Greek goddess of the crossroads). You can read her story here. Myths of the Greek goddess Hecate.

Another News Flash: In an act of great courage, we just added Hecate and another 'new' goddesses to the possible results of the Goddess Quiz. Still waiting to get the first customer complaint that she is furious about being typed the same as the Goddess of Witchcraft!!

Oh well, in my mind one of the most important gifts of Hecate is the gift of kindness and tolerance. We need more of it in this world. Perhaps the following will help . . .

Get Your Hug now: Watch the video first (and experience the emotion) then read the brief story about the phenomenon and the cuddling controversy.

Video: Free Hugs
(Be Patient, It may take a minute to load.)

In closing,

 Remember . . .

The Goddess is alive
and magic is afoot!

Enjoy the celebrations.




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