'Wild Woman on the Go'

~ This is going to be brief, but I swore I was going to get a newsletter out before leaving on holiday and will have a hard time relaxing if I don't! Will be back in a couple of weeks with more.

There seems to be a common thread that runs through many of the stressors that women face in modern life. . . and that thread is the message, "be conventional" or "this is the way things should be done, or ought to be".

Simply put, it is a challenge to "Dare to Be Different", to march to a different drummer, to loosen the grips that convention has on your life.

But being eccentric can be done gracefully, and with humor.  Joseph Campbell observed:

Getting a comedic view
of your situation
gives you spiritual distance.
Having a sense of humor saves you.

If you need a little gentle nudge to search for the Wild Woman within, read this rowdy prayer to the Goddess for the full expression of our divine nature in all its gorgeous glory!

We thank the author, Rob Breszny, the Free Will Astrologer, for permission to use the poem he calls "Prayer For You". You can read 'A Prayer For You' in it's entirety at Rob's site, though we insist on calling it: Wild Woman Prayer

O Goddess, You who give us so much love and pain mixed together that our morality is always on the verge of collapsing:

I beg you to cast a huge-assed love spell that will nullify all the dumb ideas, bad decisions and nasty conditioning that have ever cursed the wise and sexy virtuosos out there.

Remove, banish, annihilate and laugh into oblivion any jinx that has clung to them, no matter how long they've suffered from it, and even if they've become accustomed or addicted to its ugly companionship.

And please conjure an aura of protection around them so that they will receive an early warning if they are ever about to act in such a way as to bring another hex or plague or voodoo into their lives in the future.

Whether you're a Wild Woman or just Plain Vanilla, just give yourself permission to be yourself and to "follow your bliss".

Honor the goddess in YOU!
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