The Goddess Path  Issue #039

The Goddess Venus
and Her Lessons on Receiving

February, 2006

This Issue: Table of Contents

1. The Goddess Venus: The Roman Aphrodite
2. The Gift of Receiving
3.The Hidden History of Valentine's Day
4. Where Has All the Passion Gone?
5. The Gift of Goddess Gab: Last Call
~The Goddess Quotes Competition~
6. Goddesses All Around

Venus, The Roman Goddess of Romance

Venus :: The Roman goddess, born of the sea and the stars, giving vibrant energy to those who love and honor her. As surely as roses unfold and the waves lap against the shore, Venus recreates herself again and again.

A latecomer to the folds of the Roman gods and goddesses, the stunning Venus soon had them eating out of her hands. You can read her history here: Venus.

Like the Greek goddess Aphrodite whose mythology she inherited, the Roman goddess Venus assumed the divine responsibility for love, beauty, and sexuality, not to mention marriage, procreation, and domestic bliss.

How excited we were when this breathtaking beauty arrived on our shores at Goddess Gift!

We have been honored to be chosen by the famed glass artist Colin Heaney to unveil his latest creation, the Venus Plate, a spectacular addition to our Goddess Glass Art Collection.

And, as always, Venus has perfect timing...just in time for Valentine's Day and the celebration of her gift to the world, the gift of romance.  

Look her over : Venus Plaque

Look who just arrived
at the Goddess Shop!
Latest addition to the 
Glass Art Goddess Collection
by Colin Heaney


Talk about a goddess who knew how to accept gifts and praise! Venus truly 'thought well of herself'. And she expected, even demanded, to be honored and acknowledged for the divine female that she was.

And so should you . . .

The Importance of Receiving
By Maria Boomhower

Receiving is just as important as giving. It sets the flow of abundance and helps others to attract their good as well. When you refuse to ever receive you can be robbing someone else the chance to give. Science has even shown that your health may depend on your ability to receive.

There are many reasons that people have for not receiving.

They believe that:

  • It is bad or selfish to receive
  • They'll feel guilty
  • They may take from someone else
  • There may be strings attached
  • They will owe someone a favour, and hate to be in debt.
  • What if they can't return it.

If you feel as that you have taken someone else's good from them, you cannot do this. The Universal laws, when you are in harmony with them, are set to your advantage. You can have whatever you desire, as long as your integrity is in order. ......Continue reading about the Goddess Gift of Receiving

The Hidden History of Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Day approaches -- that time of year when lovers (and wannabe's) are frantic, wondering whether to splurge on the heart-shaped box of chocolates, over-priced flowers, or the predictable greeting cards.

 Ever wonder how the madness all got started? Visit here to read the fascinating story of: An Emperor, a Priest, and a Goddess

Last Call for the Goddess Gift of Gab Contest

By popular request we're extending the deadlines for entry until February 24 and . . .

because a couple of you have written to say you were 'put off' by having to set up a (free blogger account) to leave your entry. . .

we've created an easier mechanism, a form where you can email them directly to us. So. . .

To enter: Visit Goddess Gift of Gab to read more about the contest and submit your goddess quote.

Goddesses All Over The Place

Greek goddesses and Roman, and plenty of Aussies and Canucks as well showed up when you "mapped in" last month...not to mention all the USA gals. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to click on the map to let us know where you were from. (And lots of gratitude from Deb, publisher of the forthcoming goddess book that's in the works, who was desperately seeking demographics.)

Like the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite, most of you (perhaps 70%) lived in states/provinces bordered by the sea. Interesting, huh?

And your favorite goddess was . . . . (the envelope, please): Kuan Yin (First Place), then Aphrodite and Artemis   . I had great fun reading all your comments, especially those containing praise for the website, our personal labor of love. See, I AM learning to receive!)

The comments are posted at Goddess Path Subscribers for anyone who'd like to hear what our other subscribers had to say about their favorite goddesses and why.

In Closing, remember to . . .

remain open and ready to receive, and

to love yourself.

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