The Goddess Path  Issue #042

The Goddess Parvati

May, 2006

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~  Decisions, Decisions
~  The Goddess Parvati
~  The Goddess and the Chakras
~  Revisiting the Great Goddess, Mother of Us All

I was hard at work creating this month's newsletter, a Mother's Day edition and finding that I had entirely too much yummy stuff to share with you. My mind was whirling as I faced the horrid decision about which goddess to cut and was considering which one I could least afford to offend.

As always seems to happen, synchronicity stepped in to save the day. I took a break to be a guest at a Hindu wedding celebration and suddenly the answer became quite clear.

As we asked for the blessings of Ganesha on the union, I watched the Indian women in their shimmering saris. They seemed like wondrously delicate butterflies of every possible color flitting beneath the gauzy canopies that filled the room.

I saw clearly that it was time for the goddess Parvati, the mother of Ganesha, to take center stage. And so we are pleased to bring you the story of the Hindu goddess whose great love once saved the universe.

(Note--this will be a brief issue. We'll be back soon with the Mother's Day edition.)

The Goddess Parvati

Even as a young girl Parvati was in love with Shiva.  But Shiva, the god of War, was grieving the death of the woman he loved and had turned his back on the world and all its pleasures. He now lived in a dark cave and spent his days in meditation.   

Determined to win his affection, Parvati would visit his cave each day to bring him fruit and to sweep the floor of the cave and decorate it with flowers. But Shiva spurned her efforts.

Parvati remained determined. She decided to go into the mountains and become an ascetic herself, thinking perhaps this would win his love.

Living in the forest with nothing to eat and with no clothes to protect her tender body from the fierce weather, Parvati completely mastered her physical needs. Soon she was able to match Shiva’s awesome powers by creating incredible energy in her yoga meditations—enough energy to attract the attention of Brahma, the supreme deity of the Hindu pantheon. 

Then the story got really interesting . . . click here to read the myths of the goddess Parvati.


Connecting With Your Inner Goddess: The Chakra Way



Think meditation. Think yoga.

Think of all the technicolor spiritual energy spiraling up and around your spine . . . think chakras!

The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality, Anita Ryan's delightful little book explains it all. " of the best explanations I've yet to read on this subject",  says the reviewer at   

And Anita's site is hosting a big event to celebrate the book's North American release (with lots of goodies on offer).

And you're invited! Anita's offered to give you all the details, so click here to learn more about Celebrating the Goddess and the Chakras.


Great Goddess

We had a request from one of you to reprint "Great Goddess: Mother Of Us All". So once again, we welcome the voice of Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, a spiritual mother who has blessed us with permission to share these excerpts. Click on the link below to read the essay in its entirety.

As we stand poised on the threshold of a changing world this Mother's Day, it seems a fitting time to remember the Divine Mother Goddess who helped bring forth the world.

We are at a point in history that calls both women and men to celebrate - and elevate -- the energy of the feminine, along with the masculine.  Spiritual law tells us that in order to find balance in our world and be whole and complete unto ourselves, we must embrace both the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Acknowledging and embracing both our Divine Parents can help us on that journey.

As we desperately seek balance and peace on our planet, and in these times of deeply disturbing and frightening world events, many of us are searching for what's been missing in modern life. Could it be we have been bereft of our spiritual link to the The Sacred Feminine -- not instead of, but in addition to, The Sacred Male? We are at a time in history where both women and men are crying out for their divine "Mother" and seeking a spirituality that brings both divine parents to the table, not just one, or the other.

We are all children of God, Goddess, All There Is and we are all feminine and masculine in nature. As above, so below. It is in acknowledging that these qualities exist in all of us that we begin to create and find balance in our relationship to ourselves, to one another, and in the world we live in.        Copyright 2004, Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, an interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant, is author of A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide To Finding Love, Success and Happiness (Perigee Books, December 2002). For more information about the book or author,

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