The Goddess Gift  Issue #47
(formerly The Goddess Path)

Of Goddesses & Guinea Pigs:
Test the Goddess Quiz (mini-version)

September, 2006

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Mabon and the Autumnal Equinox
Persephone's Return to the Underworld
A Goddess Gift: a free, fun version of the Goddess Quiz

Here in the US last week marked the official 'end of summer' and the beginning of the new year based on the natural cycles of the earth. How lucky we are to have the experience of seasons, the arrival of autumn gently preparing us for the reflective season of winter which yields to the explosive eagerness of spring.

It is in autumn that Persephone leaves to return to her role as Queen of the Underworld (or in psychological terms, the unconscious, the superconscious, the spirit, the soul. Use this link to read the myths of the goddess Persephone.) The folk belief was that this was the time of the year when the 'veil between the worlds', the earth and the otherworld, was thinnest and most easily penetrated, when the laws of space and time were temporarily suspended, a time of magic when the spirit world could intermingle with the living . . . a time to attend to spiritual growth.

It is also the time of Mabon, the fall festival in the pagan world. The crops have been harvested and the tribe gathers to share its bounty, leaving the crops that had not been harvested in the fields for the spirits to enjoy. Now as the nights begin to lengthen it is a time to acknowledge one's personal gifts and to accept the rewards of one's efforts.

In the spirit of Mabon we have a little gift for you, taken from the harvest of our efforts. Over the last couple of years we've had emails from several of those who have taken the Goddess Quiz at our site suggesting that we develop a short, fun-filled version of the that site visitors could use as a "free sample" before buying the Quiz.

We finally got around to doing it and would like to share the fruit of our labors with you. We adapted the mini-quiz that we developed for CosmoGirl magazine and finally managed to get it to work online. (Sorry guys, maybe someday we'll do one for the meantime, feel free to play around and find your inner goddess too.)

Of course this mini-version is mostly "just for fun"--no way that just 10 questions based on only 5 personality traits and 4 goddess types could match the accuracy or the rich detail found in the full version. But still. . . we hope you will enjoy! (And will be our guinea pigs; we would welcome any feedback that you have to give about the quiz.)


Take the Goddess Quiz
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Which Goddess Are You?

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Our popular Goddess Quiz
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As featured in CosmoGirl magazine,
March 2004


Which goddess is the best match for YOUR personality type?

~ Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty?

~ Artemis, the original wild woman who was the Goddess of the Hunt?

~ Athena, who was that multi-tasking diva in charge of war and crafts?

~ Psyche, a mystic maiden who is well-know as the Goddess of the soul?

(Just click on their names if you'd like to check out their myths.)

Use this link to start the Goddess Quiz (mini-version) now.
It's fun, it's fast, and it's free!


P.S. And when you're done, be sure to check out the real thing!! It's a professional-quality personality assessment. It's fun, fascinating, and uniquely you!

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And, from the staff at the Goddess Path, enjoy Autumn and don't forget to:

Celebrate the abundance
that surrounds you.

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