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We're bursting with pride that some of 'our very own' were in the spotlight and making headlines recently.

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway who frequently contributes a column in this newsletter was recently interviewed on CN8-TV. You can watch the 5 minute replay by using the link below. Scroll down the screen to find the movie.

 The Divine Feminine and the Goddess Persephone

Be sure to check out the meditation while you're there.
I've shared it before, but some of you may not have seen it.'s worth doing time and time again.

The Goddess Asphalta Guarantees A Parking Place

Asphalta, was one of the winners in our 2005 Create-A-Goddess Contest we held created by Prairie Wind, Katherine Stock.

When artist Bernette Rudolph read about the goddess in our newsletter, she just couldn't resist adding Asphalta to her Goddess Collection--an elaborate series of wood sculptures of well-known goddesses such as Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion who has a thousand arms. 

No doubt about it, you subscribers never cease to amaze with your good humor, wit, and creativity!

Speaking of which . . .

Goddesses Surround Us

Seems to me that if you keep your eyes open and your feet on the Goddess Path, you're going to encounter a lot of goddesses along the way. Most of them we recognize as contemporary incarnations of ancient goddesses and we honor them by adding them to our list of friends.

But some of them seem to be a brand-new thing, a type of goddess that wasn't know in ancient times, one we invent . . . what we call a "found" goddess.

These put me in mind of a micro-goddesses for us to consider this month. (Micro-goddesses is a term I use to mean "even more minor than the minor goddesses; goddesses that few have ever heard of", ones people think you made up even though you really didn't.)

So, to get you in the mood for what I have to tell you below, may I introduce you to the goddess Caffeina (also known as Our Lady of Latte):

The Story of the Goddess Caffeina

Create A Goddess Contest (Back by Popular Demand)

Several have asked when we'd be doing another "Found Goddess Contest". As always, we're responsive to your request so the contest returns this summer and you are getting a head start. 

If this year's entries are as good as those in 2005, I'd like to look into the  possibility for compiling into a "Little Book of Goddesses For Modern Times".  Wouldn't that be fun!

So put on your thinking caps and get those creative juices flowing!  Pick up initial details here:

Create-A-Goddess Contest 2007

In closing,

A reminder to . . .

   Spice up your life by

        sprinkling a bit of goddess into everything you do.

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