The Goddess Gift Newsletter
Issue #53 : Spreading the Light
January, 2007
There are two ways of spreading the light:
to be the candle
or the mirror that reflects it.
~ Edith Wharton

Being the mirror . . .
and asking the goddess to share her light with you

I don't 'do' New Year's Resolutions. Probably should (Goddess knows that I've got enough shoulda's and ought-to's hanging around in the back of my mind, some of them positively screaming for attention). The very idea of resolutions always leaves me vaguely depressed. What if I prove to be not strong enough and I failed? I may be a recluse, but I'm a real coward at the thought of going it alone.

The New Year always reminds me that I love the goddesses for their willingness to be "on call, 24/7", always ready to help me carry that drag me back from the brink of self-destruction if need be. And all I've got to do is call on one and ask for help. No lengthy lists, no post-it note reminders, no painful introspection. Gotta' love those gals!

It may be an approach that's a lot more enjoyable, but it does have its own protocol:

First, you have to know which goddess to call on. All of them would love to help, of course, but it wouldn't be much use invoking the goddess Hestia when you need to go into battle. Though Artemis, Athena, or Atalanta would do quite nicely!

(The section on Goddess Myths at our web place is a good place to start.)

And it helps to be on a first name basis with her when you call.  The Chinese goddess Mazu made this abundantly clear.

Like the compassionate goddess Kuan Yin, Mazu is one of the goddesses to call on for protection. Mazu (Ma Tsu) is known by many titles, including “Motherly Matriarch, Daughter of the Dragon, and the Empress of Heaven.” 

In folk tradition it is believed that when you are facing great difficulty, you can call her by the name Mazu and she will immediately come to your rescue. If, however, you address her “Empress of Heaven,” she will have to take time to put on
fine clothing and will be delayed in coming to your aid!

You can read her story here: Mazu

How to call a goddess for help

Mantras take the shape of personal requests for help from a goddess.

They usually start with her name and/or title:
~  Kali, Goddess of Death and Destruction

identify her special attribute or power:
~ anger, courage, righteousness

and ask for her help:
~ give me the anger I need to do what should be done

and express gratitude in the hope of maintaining her presence in your life:
~ thank you for helping me end a hurtful relationship.

Affirmations are statements in which you lay claim to the
strengths of a certain goddess. They are statements of intent, and they change the way you see yourself. By engaging your active imagination, they help you visualize a happier, more successful you, empowering you with the self-confidence of a goddess.

“Goddess, you are absolutely gorgeous!” I say with emphasis each morning when I first encounter my bedraggled image in the mirror. On any rational level this statement is a patent lie, but saying it never fails to put a smile on my face and good humor in my heart. Somehow just saying this, followed by a good cup of coffee, is a perfect way to start my day.

Affirmations work on the principal of “as if.” Most of us go
through life with our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors all tangled. We think our feelings cause our thoughts and our actions. Actually, the reverse is often true.

Or as Charlene Proctor, author of The Women's Book of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems Into Moments of Potential says, 'By changing your mind . . . you can change your lives."

(Click the link above to read Charlene's letter about a promotion that's going on until January 17 to promote this book. She's included some links to some of the wonderful affirmations in the book.)

Speaking of Books....

We've received a few emails this year asking us to update our listing of goddess-themed calendars. Here it is, almost mid-January and we haven't found the time to do it. (That's how far behind we are!) But here's a link you could use to preview the collection: Goddess Calendars

Some people are candles . . .

I am blessed to count the Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, the author of the delightful book, 'A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend', as one of the special friends that I have made on the web since becoming a webmistress.

And what a joy it is to have such a generous, creative friend! Laurie Sue wrote a beautiful introduction to my soon-to-be-released book, Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type. (More on that later.) Then she allowed us to mail and post the stunning Goddess Meditation found below.

And now she's offered another stellar gift to all our subscribers, an e-course that you can take with a friend (or not) and the friend's tuition is free.

View now: 
Goddess Meditation

The course is Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy.

You know if it's by Laurie Sue Brockway, it's going to be great!

Check out the e-course:
 Discovering the Goddess

In case you missed the special mailing earlier this week or if, like me, you'd love to see it again and again, click on the Goddess Meditation link above to see Laurie Sue's fine, creative work.
Count Down!

It is my belief that the way of things is that god (male deity) is in charge of time and the goddess (female deity) looks after space. This must be true because our book, Goddess Gift: Discover Your Goddess Type is still at the printers!

But it's only a matter of a few short days till we'll be birthin' that baby. Promise!

Book : Goddess Gift></font></td>
Lots of goddesses and gods are standing buy to serve as
honorary god(ess)-parents to help introduce her to the world in a big book launch in February. In addition to the book promotion, we'll be doing a Goddess Goodies Give-away to celebrate the birth of the book.

Stay tuned. You'll be getting an invitation!

Help Wanted: Mom-to-be seeking assistance with impending delivery of infant book destined to spread the light. Substantial rewards. Are you willing to serve on our team of highly motivated book midwives?Complete details on how you can help in next issue of the Goddess Gift newsletter.

In closing, remember  . . .

You shine.
Spread the light.


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