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'Create A Goddess' Contest :: Details

As promised, I'm sending out this special mailing containing the further details you will need to enter ( and win ) the Create A Goddess Contest.

So get your creative juices flowing and let the fun begin!

Entry fee?? None, nada, no way. We ask only that you help us spread the word about the contest by recommending it to your friends.

So please feel free to forward this email to your friends who might be interested and ask them to use this link to subscribe to The Goddess Gift Newsletter .

Deadline for your entry: September 1, 2007

Your mission: To create a  modern goddess to help us deal with those distinctly modern problems that the ancients never had to face. To give us a good laugh at our selves and the crazy, hectic lives we lead as contemporary women.  (Check out the previous winners. Links provided below.)

We'll post all the entries . . . unless, of course, they don't fit the mission (sorry poets, we'll do a contest for your handiwork some day) or they've got objectionable content such as hate/violence/obscenity (yes, we know it when we see it!) 

Your submission:

~ Name her something special and befitting the goddess she is

~ Give her a suitable  honorific that summarizes her most notable
    feature (Our Lady of ....., Goddess of .....,  She Who......, etc.)

~ A 'teaser' that introduces her, briefly describes, makes us long to
    read all about her.

~ Tell us all about her and her powers. Could be as short as a paragraph
     or two -- or as long as 60,000 characters (max= approx. 1 1/2 pages,

~ Submit your creation. (Link provided below)

The Destiny that Awaits Your Goddesses:

Fame will attend their birth as Goddess Gift announces their arrival into the goddess world and invites one and all to come and take a peek at them at our web site.

Not only will they be published on the web, but I'm hoping to get my publisher to consider them for an anthology, a little book of goddesses for our times. No, you won't make big bucks (but maybe we could pick a charity that we might give a boost), but it will look good on your resume' and, who knows,  you might get famous!

(Needless to say, be sure that your submission is your very own original creation. Everything's spelled out in the Contest rules to which you'll be asked to agree.)

Web Wise? A Special Offer for those on the web . . . 

No, it won't help you win. But if you have a presence on the web (blog, personal page or site), this might be an incredible opportunity for a reciprocal link exchange that helps with your search engine rankings and traffic.  If you're interested, check here for Goddess Gift link exchange offer.

The Judging:   Do You Want to Create a Goddess Idol?
We want you, too, to have a say, ala the American Idol.

Round 1.

We'll invite you to meet them all and place your vote for your choice for the 'Fabulous Five'. (You can even get your friends to vote as well.)

In the meantime, we too will be selecting our favorites....and the 10 entries  receiving the highest scores (your votes=50% and so do ours) will advance to Round 2 of the competition. 

Their choice of either  a copy of my new book Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type  or a gift certificate to take the Goddess Quiz (or give it to a friend) will be awarded as prizes for the top 10 entries in Round 1.

Round 2.

I will be joined by two authors of goddess books in the selection of the five winning goddesses. Prizes include:

1st place:  A glass art goddess by Colin Heaney (View)

2nd and 3rd places: A goddess aromatherapy oil diffuser.

4th & 5th places:  Choice of a copy of  gift certificate to take the Goddess Quiz or the Greek Gods quiz. (Makes a wonderful gift for a friend if you've already taken the quiz.)

All the Links You Might Need:

Use these links to find:

Create-A-Goddess Contest 2007   (a full description of the contest that's on the web, includes this information and more)

Entry Form  (when you're ready, use this form to submit your entry. Deadline of September 1, 2007)

OfficialContest Rules (the legal jargon we have to put up and you have to agree to.)

Goddess Asphalta  (the most famous entry in our 2005 competition -- celebrated in the creation of a statue and covered by the media.

Goddesses 2005 (more entries from the 2005 contest)

Will be back soon with the regular edition, but
In closing,

A reminder to . . .

Unleash that goddess you've got in mind!!

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