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November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. At my house the ingredients for the cornbread stuffing and the cranberry relish await the last minute dash to pull it all together, so I thought I'd finally get this month's newsletter to you in time to tell you . . .

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me each month, and for subscribing to the newsletter. It means a lot to me!

The Gift of Gratitude

As it happens on this day of this year Thanksgiving Day, I'd have plenty of excuses if I decided to whine instead of being thankful.

Seemingly timed to coincide with the date of my husband's retirement our 401-k retirement savings plan suddenly became a 201-k.  We're still wondering how this "fixed income" thing is going to play out when our heating unit died a week ago, just as we hit record lows in our area. Apparently we were not alone ... the heating/air company we've always used can get a new one installed in another 4 weeks. . . brrrrr!

All of which makes me thankful that we have a wood burning stove and, old as it is, it still works to warm part of the house . . . and a husband who loves to make fires (and is now at home looking for something to do with his time, and plenty of fallen branches lying around to use for kindling.

The Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele, heard my fervent pleas, and also sent a friend who had not only a couple of space heaters we could borrow, but a contact who can fix us up with a new furnace and do it next week.

So while we’re contemplating all that we have in our lives to be thankful, let’s not forget about our friends. The Goddess often sends us her energy through our friends.

I, for one, am thankful for our Goddess friend, the Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, who agreed to share with us . . .

A Thanksgiving Prayer for Family Grace and Peace
By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
Dear God, Goddess, Divine Spirit of all there is, 
Thank you for the opportunity
to gather together in one another's company.

We thank you for the light
you bring to this family gathering.

Please grant us the vision to see the highest in one another,
and grant us the opportunity to continue to be there for each other
In good times, as well as not-so-great-times.

Give us strength and fortitude to ride the tides of change,
and empower us always to be nurturing and loving with one another.
Open our spiritual eyes that we may see one another for who we truly are... and love one other in the same spirit.

May sadness, disappointment and anger be minimal.
May happiness, positive thoughts and good experiences together be bountiful. May we always cope, and hope, with each other... with grace.

from A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide to Finding Love,
       Success and Happiness,
By Laurie Sue Brockway,
Perigee Books

© 2006, Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway


The blessing will serve as a grace-full antidote to what sometimes  happens when the "close confinement, with large supplies of alcohol, of blood relations who have had the good sense to keep far apart for the previous three hundred and sixty four days" come together at the table. (Description of family togetherness provided by Reginald Hill, Death's Jest-Book.)


Whether your 'family' is bound by blood,  marriage, or spirit . . . whether you gather around the table or meet in an online community, take a moment to let your family know that you are grateful for their presence in your life.

And that's a lesson from the myths of Hestia, the Greek Goddess of Hospitality

The goddess Hestia is often described as "the forgotten goddess". Because of her association with hospitality, the word Hestia is often used today as the name of a hotel or restaurant, making some people wonder if “Hestia” is the name of a franchise.

The goddess Hestia is often described as "the forgotten goddess". Because of her association with hospitality, the word Hestia is often used today as the name of a hotel or restaurant, making some people wonder if “Hestia” is the name of a franchise.

True to her quiet, reserved nature, Hestia stayed at home, never leaving Mount Olympus, always there to welcome the others and enjoy their “homecomings”. 

The goddess Hestia never involved herself in the fights and machinations of the other gods and goddesses, somehow  managing to stay above the fray.  Non-judgmental and forgiving, her “unconditional love” and calm acceptance inspired the love and trust of others in return. Dependable and caring, Hestia was always there for them and helped them to manage their lives which were certainly more exciting than her own.

Hestia is associated with the warmth and comfort of the welcoming fireplace. Just as the flames glowing from the hearth soothe us with their warmth and glowing light, the goddess Hestia gives us security, peace, and comfort and helps us accept the truth of our lives with inner grace.

You can read the myths of the Goddess Hestia here.

Wanna Share Our Left-Overs?

One of my favorite things about the Thanksgiving Feast is all the yummy leftovers. Turns out that I have some left-overs of a different sort, and I've decided I might as well share with you.

They'll be especially cherished by any of you who, like me, have panic attacks just thinking about the shopping frenzy that traditionally marks the day after Thanksgiving in the US. No malls for me this time of year, nada, never, no way!

Here's the idea in a nutshell ... gift certificates to take the Goddess Quiz can be a lifesaver during this gift-giving season. They're usually emailed to you and you forward them to a friend. But . . .

We've got a few printed certificates (gorgeous cards for putting in envelopes) left over from sets we had printed for charity fundraisers and rather than toss them out, we decided to make them available to you. Limited number, sets of 3 or 5 at a big discount.

I don't have time to give you all the details today, but will send you a very brief email with a link so you can check it out this weekend.

Will be back in a few with the next issue that is currently stewing in the pot. Now if I can only find the blasted pot! I know I've seen it here somewhere!

In closing,
   a reminder to...

Notice things,
 make room for grace,
 and give thanks for what is good and healthy in your life.


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