The Goddess and The Gift of Gab

When a goddess makes a pronouncement, it pays to listen up.  The Winter Solstice is fast approaching--time to ready ourselves for the possibilities of a new year, bringing our dreams into conscious awareness and giving them a life.

Here at the Goddess Path we've been working on a new contest that you're sure to enjoy. As always, we try to make it playful and creative.

And we've listed a couple of last minute 'finds' for your bookshelf or gift list as well.

May We Quote You On That?

Let the annual competition begin! In previous years we've enjoyed "Creating Goddesses for Contemporary Times" and writing "Goddess Poetry".

This year your challenge, should you accept it: Provide us with a quote, the author of the quote, and the name of a goddess that it exemplifies.

For example:  "Be a Goddess, or a doormat." (Pablo Picasso)  is one of my personal favorites and it certainly sounds like something that the goddess Aphrodite might have said!

Use this link to go to the Inner Goddess Blog  for December 14 and submit your entry. To do that click on the 'Comments' link (beside the envelope icon) at the bottom of the entry to go see what others have submitted. On the right side of the page enter your submission in the comments box and sign in.  You will probably have to signup as a blog user before you can submit--that just involves creating a username and password. Just in case you win the Grand Prize, be sure to leave your email address on the sign-in (which we won't publish).

All valid entries will be published (Be Advised that 'The Censor' will not post  obscenity, intolerant/hateful stuff, violence, etc.)

Prizes will be awarded to the 'Favored Five'.
First Place: Goddess Statue
Second: Goddess Pendant
Third - Fifth: Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser & Oil

And gift certificates to take the Goddess Quiz (or Greek Gods Quiz) will be awarded to five contributors drawn at random.

Deadline: February 15, 2006 (Plenty of time to find a great quote!)

Winners will be announced in the March Edition of the Goddess Path Newsletter.

So ..... Let Your Inner Goddess Roar!


Sign Up for Freebies Alerts?  Or not....You Choose.

From time to time we run across other joint ventures that offer lots of special gifts/freebies that we think you might be interested in (See Below), but . . .

I imagine that many of you would just as soon NOT be bothered with having this information in this newsletter unless it quite specifically has to do with goddesses or women's growth and spirituality. Am I right about this??

Assuming that I am (how's that for an expression of self-confidence?), I have gone ahead and set up a whole new mailing list designed just for the purpose of alerting those who ARE interested in these special offers.

Said another will rarely read about these offers here in THIS newsletter, so if you want me to notify you about these special events you need to sign up for another newsletter with us by clicking here to join the Inner Goddess Special Offers newsgroup. We will only notify those on this list.

And, you might want to go ahead and signup now, because we're getting ready to mail a Really Big offer very soon. Hundreds of freebies involved, lots of them downloadable, many of special interest to those running websites but lots of others as well.

So, if you're interested go ahead and get on the list and stay alert!

For The Well Read Goddess and Her Book Shelf

"This is a must have book... Read it, digest it, absorb it, utilize it's wisdom because if you hang around great thoughts, you become a great person."

Mark Victor Hansen, Author of:
Chicken Soup for the Soul
One Minute Millionaire

A short saying oft contains much wisdom. (Sophocles) -- and here is an opportunity to get wise while getting a real bargain.

Michael Ruge has created this delightful little book to help us all on the road to, wealth, and happiness.

It's full of priceless advice from luminaries as diverse as Leonardo da Vinci and Mario Andretti and many more, incuding such goddesses as Eleanor Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, and the fearless Miss Piggy.

Several of us have gone to together to offer a special package of gifts (freebies) to those buying the book. 

"Quotations about Health, Wealth, and Happiness - big enough to make a difference... yet small enough to tuck into your purse or pocket."

Michael Ruge
Quote-A-Quote To Your Success

Last year there were 18 featured items valued at over $3,300. Lots more are expected this time! Some examples from an earlier list:

-A one-on-one phone session with  a best-selling author and Jungian therapist who will work with you in the archetypal imagery.

-A 26+ page, individually created birth chart detailing your life purpose, plus ten other important areas of your personality.

-30 minutes of free coaching on either improving your Health or on Weight Release. 

So hurry, you will qualify for the special gifts worth at least $1,727 when you order at least one book by Thursday, December 15. Be sure to save your email receipt from Someone will get back in touch with you about how to collect your "stash of goodies"...

And....One of our favorite books has made it into the "Majors"!

Seems like only yesterday when we told you about The Women's Belly Book by Lisa Sarasohn (one of our subscribers). Several of you wrote to say how much you loved it.

Apparently the good word is out!  New World Library, who publish some of Deepak Chopra's books and Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now, will be publishing a revised and expanded edition of the Belly Book. After December 31 the current, widely-praised edition won't be available through and other distributors. Copies will still be available for purchase directly through Lisa, while supplies last, and at a bargain rate.

How many women on your holiday gift list would love to have a signed copy of The Woman's Belly Book and the good news that are bellies are not shameful--they're the source of our creative power?

Here's the 'Deal':   Here's 'the Even Better Deal':
You can buy the Book at Amazon before December 31 by using the link below.

Two signed copies of the current edition of The Woman's Belly Book are yours for $20, with free shipping to U.S. addresses. Make that $21.40 to cover sales tax if you are a resident of N. Carolina. For shipping outside the U.S., please contact Lisa.)
To purchase by credit card, go and click on "send money." Then send your payment to

To purchase by check or money order, send your payment to her at: Lisa Sarasohn, Self-Health Education, PO Box 1783, Asheville, NC 28802

In closing, remember to . . .

Enjoy the contest, the books and the gifts, and
most importantly, enjoy the Solstice
and envision a New Year full of success and joy.


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