The Goddess Path  Issue #034


November, 2005

This Issue: Table of Contents

1. Some Girls Have All the Luck
2. Hecate, Samhain, and Halloween
3. Sass Up Your Chakras
4. Lakshmi, Goddess of Good Fortune

Dumb Luck??

I don't think so. Though, to paraphrase Rod Stewart: "Some girls do, at times, seem to have all the luck, and some girls seem to have all the pain".

When I hear of a person's success and achievements, I hate to think that it is anything so simple . . . and that the person's earnest efforts had very little to do with the positive outcome they are currently enjoying. In fact, one can find countless examples where the elements of being goal-oriented and persistent had considerably more to do with the attainment and rewards they have received.

But so often there are those who, try as they may, never seem to get ahead. Why, when they worked so hard and so well, are they unable to harvest the fruits of their efforts?

Why are the unfortunate left with only tricks while others gather all the "treats"?

This month we look to some extraordinary goddesses for the answer.

Hecate, Halloween, Samhain, and All-Souls Day

What do the goddess Hecate, the pagan Celtic Harvest Festival called Samhain, and the Christian holy day "All-Souls Day (also called All-Saints Day) all have in common? You guessed it . . . they all contributed to the customs of the upcoming holiday of Halloween!

Unlikely bedfellows, perhaps, but history is often full of surprises. You can use this link to read the fascinating story of the History of Halloween at the Goddess Gift website.

Read the story of the Greek goddess Hecate here.

Prospering isn't all hard work!  And, as any of the 'good fortune goddesses' will tell you...maintaining an attitude of 'Wow!' goes a long way in bringing positive things into your life.fe.

I just had an email from one of my favorite goddess friends. "Just when I think things couldn't get any more wonderful, I've just found out my book is being stocked at Amazon", Anita writes. Her delightful little book is now available in the Northern Hemisphere, so check it out . . .

  The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality
by Anita Ryan

(Click on the link or image to read about or order the book at

According to Anita, healthy chakras make for a life filled with vitality, love, prosperity and joy. This book contains information and practical tips and tools to sass up your energy centers. 

Anita (the decidedly and delightfully 'original' Aussie goddess, talented writer, and bon vivant) tells you everything you want to know about chakras and the the divine energy they bring into our lives.

Lakshmi, Goddess of Good Fortune

Wouldn't it be nice to get a little help with your finances, a job, success, happiness and love this year?

"This is my favorite time of year because the Lakshmi comes alive during the Hindu holiday of Deepavali (or Diwali)", says Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, an interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant,. She is author of A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide To Finding Love, Success and Happiness (Perigee Books, December 2002) and Wedding Goddess (Perigee Books, Spring 2005).

We are delighted to have this opportunity to "pass the rattle" to Laurie Sue, who has agreed to share material that has been adapted from her forthcoming book about Lakshmi, Goddess of  Fortune. She writes:

Each year, around the new moon in October or November, Hindu people celebrate this Goddess of Fortune and invite Her into their homes, attempting to secure Her favors for the year to come. This year, in most places in the United States, it begins on October 30 and runs through November 2, with be a comfort and a healer; she brings a sense of greater fortune even in the darkest moments.  She is a powerful cosmic connection; a divine female who looks like us, and offers a sense of courage, of hope, of power.

Lakshmi is a goddess who brings all good things to light and to life!  She has one of the most colorful creation myths of all the deities in the Hindu pantheon. It is said Goddess Lakshmi was born, fully-grown, on a pink lotus that rose from the milky sea. She was immediately be-decked, be-jeweled and worshipped by the gods and sages. They prayed that she would come to their abodes, and to their worlds, for they believed that where Lakshmi is you will also find riches and fulfillment.


Read more about the goddess Lakshmi , how to invite her and her 'boons' into your life, and get ideas about how to celebrate her sacred holidays.


Navaratri, October 3-12 2005: The Goddess Lakshmi is celebrated in image, song, worship and prayer in October during the sacred Hindu holiday honoring The Mother, called Navaratri. This nine day celebration also honors the Goddesses Durga and Saraswati, (and in some locals Goddesses Kali and Parvati), from October 3 through October 12th in the United States. Lakshmi’s special days of honor – Sri Lakshmi Pooja -- are October 6 through October 8.


Deepavali, October 30-November 2, 2005: Worshippers around the world clean their homes spotless and light oil lamps to invite the Goddess to their abode on this holiday. The celebration begins on October 30 and runs a few days, through  to November 2 this year. Lakshmi is honored in all day pujas on Deepavali day, November 1.


Progress Report:

Things are looking up. Here's a link for those of you who like to read our monthly progress report in full.

In the spirit of the holiday,

Seek good fortune in all that you embrace.


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