The Goddess Gift  Issue #30

Winning Entries in the 'Create A Goddess' Contest

Volcanus Nocturnus--Goddess of Inner Fires
Shurikan Now'at
Wherewithal, Goddess of  "Can-Do"


Without further ado, we present the winning entries in the 2005 'Create A Goddess Competition'.

And the winners were . . .

Entropia, Goddess of Creative Clutter and Unfinished Projects

A vastly underappreciated Goddess in a society obsessed by output, Entropia is typified by the Nietzsche quote "It takes chaos to give birth to a dancing star." Entropia embodies this chaos, and accompanies you through the chaotic phase. In her being she enshrines and illuminates a stage that is often looked upon with disdain by those ignorant of her majesty.

Entropia not only enables us to accept the clutter of unfinished projects without shame, but to revel in the possibilities they contain. Under the influence of this Goddess, we can see the finished product in our minds just be looking at the materials, giving us the capacity to be comfortable and confident in the awkward formative stages of any project. Her energy is best felt in the thrilled enthusiasm of starting a new project and buying the required materials, but don't expect her to stay around once it's completed.

So long as there are unfinished projects or unused materials, however, she will remain and bring her blessings to all those who would see a treasure trove in what others call a mess.

The caterpillar is often used as a symbol for Entropia, and is sacred to her. All of the raw materials for transforming into a butterfly are contained within the caterpillar, and so long as it exists it is inevitable--despite the doubts of ignorant onlookers--that the caterpillar will become one. Entropia not only sees the butterfly inside the caterpillar, but takes it one step further and acknowledges no difference between the two, as it is only the illusion of time that separates them.

In Entropia there is to be found not only faith but certainty that the materials will be made into their finished form given time and patience.

It is particularly a crafts room or sewing room within a house that serves as a sacred temple to Entropia (few people looking inside these rooms will fail to see Entropia's presence). Still, any room where creative projects are stored and/or worked on will fall under the influence of Entropia.

Entropia is also associated with study rooms where creative writing is done, either by hand or on the computer. Untidy stacks of notes, printouts or manuscripts filled with first, second and third drafts of essays are also evidence of Entropia.

If you wish to make an altar to Entropia, lay down a half-finished scarf or afghan for an altar cloth, preferably part-way through a row with knitting needles or crochet hook still attached. For decoration you may fashion a cairn or a pyramid out of unused balls of yarn or crumpled first drafts, and drape half-finished necklaces or hanks of unused beads across the cloth.

Writing hymns of praise to Entropia is encouraged, but out of deference to the Goddess it is recommended that you leave them ultimately unfinished. Here is an example:

"O Entropia! Gracious Goddess who makes an obstacle course out of my family room with craft supplies!
O Entropia! Shining One who makes sorting through stacks of half-finished projects into an archaeological dig with datable strata!
O Entropia! Enchanted Being whose gossamer strands of yarn are still attached to the knitting machine I got last Christmas!
Hallowed is thy clutter! Sacred are thy loose ends!
May you help me to see the sacred beauty of chaos, the wonder of "

The next time someone makes comments about how messy your house or desk is, just let them know they are walking on hallowed ground . . .

~ Cindy Wells


Introducing the New Goddess of the 21st Century - Meet *Wha* (as in wha’ the heck, wha’s next, or wha’ planet am I still on?) - the Goddess of Multi-Tasking!

You think the Triple Goddess had too many heads? Well move over, because Wha is in town and She is here to help us all with our crazy, multi-tasked lives. She comes at us all disheveled, with many heads, maybe five, maybe ten, maybe twenty - a reflection of yourself.

One head may wear a chef’s hat - a new omelette pan in one hand, but a take-out menu in the other.

One head may wear headphones to listen to music while exercising, and in one hand for some strange reason she holds a double fudge chocolate brownie, and in the other hand holds a (sigh) slim fast shake. Which one will she choose?

Another head has a baseball hat and ponytail, ready to drop the kids off at soccer, one hand with bug spray, the other with hair spray - she’s only hoping she’ll spray the right ones on the right places. Meanwhile, her littlest one has a leaky diaper and it doesn’t smell like number one. See the face on this head grimace, hoping she packed the full box of wipes one of the three tote bags in the back seat, but she can see them in her minds eye, still sitting on the kitchen counter all the way back home.

Another head has a nice new stylish, professional hairdo, with a briefcase and iPod in one hand, and a clock to turn back time in the other for when she finds out someone needs something done *yesterday*. She has one foot with very pointy toes, always hoping to be able to kick the boss or gawd-awful rude client in the ass, but never seems to get that chance. Oh, she’s come close though sometimes! They don’t make these gorgeous shoes so pointy for no reason, you know.

One face has crazy bed-head hair and has soft, warm, furry slipper-socks on her feet - who is this strange woman who has time to sleep in late?? We don’t know her, and she gets buried by all the other larger and noisier heads. She gets drowned out continually. All the other heads call her Wishful Thinking Head. They are even a bit mean to her, but secretly they envy her. Oh, how they envy her...

Another head has on beautiful makeup, which took her more time to apply than the length of her last relationship. She is heading out on a date with a guy who will hopefully not be a complete waste of time. But in her hand she holds her tax return info so she can atleast work on that under the dinner table if he turns out to be just another ego-inflated bore.

One very droned-out looking head has a phone up to it, and her mouth is uttering, ", of course, yes.....uh-huh..." as she listens to her mother, mother-in-law, or some always-down-in-the-dumps best friend. Not to fear though - as her phone is clutched much too tightly between her ear and shoulder (which will create a nice stiff pain in it to keep her up later that evening) she has bills to pay in one hand to stay "productive" while on this marathon length phone call. What’s this - I see scissors in her other hand as she cuts coupons out for cat and dog food from the papers, and for teeth whitener and maxi pads. Oy - I don’t have time for this!

So, you may see some of those heads, or all of them, or even more. The Goddess Wha comes to you showing you all your baggage, and every crazy facet of your life. Once you see this crazy-headed Goddess in your life, you may start to laugh, or cry, or yell, or even get angry.

Since when were we suppose to be so nuts in life? If you take the time to look at Her long enough, and get to know all Her many heads, you may get to know them well enough to find out which ones are happy, which ones are miserable....which ones would like to hand in their hat and call it quits, and which ones would like more time given to them. Some might even just be asking for a helping hand, and Wha is here to show you there is no crime in that. You may even find that head with the bed head hairdo and talk to her enough to realize she is desperate to come out. Even if just for one day, once a month, once a year? She’ll take whatever attention you can give her!

And soon Wha may transform before you very eyes. Soon She may eventually have only five heads, or three.

If you are lucky, and give Her time and attention, someday She’ll have one very happy head, and will hold out a large diamond to you. A diamond with many facets on it, all representing the many heads you have carried, now merged into one woman, with Her head firmly planted on, who can now hold her life in the palm of her hand, living in the present, and finally feeling joy.

Wha has a vision to change the world through women, and She is here to stay. So welcome Her into your life. Don’t be scared of all those heads. Some may be very bitchy, but they have good reason to be.

But Wha has one body, and it is filled with love and compassion and a joy for living. She will help you, if you let Her. She loves you, and is here to help you remember to take time to love yourself. After all, life is too short for multi-tasking. ; )

 ~ Laurie


Volcanus Nocturnus--Goddess of Inner Fires

This intense Fire Goddess manifests Her powers only after sunset. She prefers to let her devotees reach the alpha state of sleep before manifesting Her loving touch.

Through Her touch, women receive the gift of Healing Sweat, thus detoxifying our bodies, Vivid dreaming and Cranial Pressure, much like accupressure only working from the inside out. These gifts give women the chance to arise from slumber, take an aspirin (guarding us against strokes--my Goddess thinks of everything) and allows us those few nocturnal hours to be alone, enjoy our own private living room sweat lodge, so that we can either solve the problems of the world's economy or decide how to get the berry stains out of our favorite white blouse most efficiently.

My Goddess, Volcanus Nocturnus, comes to me even without my prayers and supplications, because Her devotion to me as a Crone is complete and loyal.

Her symbol is not that different from the posters you see of wet t-shirt contests.

When Volcanus Nocturnus moves onto someone else, I will release Her with Love, and think of Her often when I arise at a reasonable hour with cool, dry sheets..

~ Wren Stephens

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4th & 5th place winners (all three of them--we had a tie) will receive gift certificates to take the Goddess Quiz or the Greek Gods quiz. (A wonderful gift for a friend, if you've already taken the quiz.) (View).

And the winners are: Davena Amick Elder (4th place), Sheryl Strayer, and Pamela  C. Kelly

Shurikan Now'at, Dispenser and Protector of Temporal Resources

One of the lesser-known Egyptian goddesses of Time, Shur'ikan Now'at controls the number of things that can be accomplished at any given moment in time.  Her powers come at a great cost, as any woman who has asked for her help can attest.  She is known to literally turn herself inside out and change from "Shurikan" to "Now'at" in an instant. 

Shurikan is said to have a pleasant demeanor, with a soft voice and, if one looks closely enough, a pale, haunted look in the eyes.  She is always ready to help, with any task, at any time, for anyone.  The word "No" is simply not in Shurikan's vocabulary.

Now'at, on the other hand, is fierce and fiery, with bloody slits for eyes, sharp teeth, and a screech like a banshee.  Greedy with Her Time, Now'at only erupts when Shurikan has been relied upon for too long and her powers have been abused.  She is especially prone to appear when Shurikan's powers have been called upon at the behest of her nemesis, Khanyu Duthysform'ee, an insidious demon who feeds upon Shurikan at every opportunity.

The wise woman knows to call upon Shurikan only when in dire need, for she will reward you greatly.  To use her powers for frivolous purposes will incur the wrath of Now'at, to the detriment of all.

~ Davena Amick Elder

Wherewithal, Goddess of  "Can-Do"

We are all acquainted with this Goddess, so named because she is everyWHERE and WITH us ALways.  We are most aware of Her during those times when "one more thing" becomes "TOO MUCH".

Wherewithal was created by the modern day female multi-tasker and is easily invoked by cries such as, "Ack!", "Oh, no!", and the ever popular, "I can't take this any more!"

Signs of Her presence are everywhere: The harried mother, shopping at the end of a long day, actually smiling as she explains to the two young children tugging at the leg of her pants why they don't need the new and improved (fill in the blank), as she makes a mental note to pick up the dry cleaning on the way home to get supper.  Then, there's the administrative assistant, humming as she sorts through her in-box, while taking the umpteenth call of her just-begun day. 

And, last but not least, the writer who logs off at three o'clock in the morning.  She's ahead of her deadline, for a change, and one eye is still barely open as she begins to chuckle, realizing she forgot to let the cat out one last time.

Wherewithal provides the resources to get us through each busy day.  If necessary, She will assume the form of "Jumpina", literally bouncing on our stress scales until we find our balance again. We thank this Goddess every time we relax and say, "Ahhh...".

~  Sheryl Strayer

OmniTasca -- Goddess of Multi-tasking

OmniTasca is a distant relative of Hestia, Goddess of the hearth (third cousin - twice removed to be precise). 

She is portrayed as a multi-armed goddess, holding various items.  Often she is shown at a computer holding a checkbook, car keys, baby (at the breast), phone, lover's hand, dumbell, gardening trowel, mop-broom-or toilet brush; candle, spaghetti pot, pocketbook - which holds her families' possessions as well as tissues and bandaids, a balloon (for party planning); address book-complete with updated phone numbers (home, cell, work), addresses and emails; ipecac and peroxide; file folder, bottle of vitamins; cup of tea and make-up  brush.

Being a Goddess of the Women of the Sandwich Generation, she is sometimes shown holding an eldercare or nursing home bill also. She usually drives a station wagon or SUV complete with DVD player, cookie crumbs and car seats. This enables her to carry her elders to the doctors appointments with the children in the car. 

OmniTasca carries the dumbell, vitamins, tea and make-up brush to remind us to care for ourselves as we care for others.  The candle she carries means we should light a candle for our friends and loved ones whenever they need a little boost.

To invoke OmniTasca, make your favorite herbal (calming) tea, light a scented candle,  get a pen and paper. Put your feet up.  Ask for her strength and ability to manage time as you write your list of things to do!  

~Pamela  C. Kelly

It broke our hearts that we couldn't publish so many more...they were wonderful. Just the names alone were worth their weight in gold: Goddess Asphalta (who helps you find a parking place) and the Goddess Tumuchtado (no explanation needed), for example.

As a psychologist, I can't help wondering if the issues that were addressed by the entries speak of the important and troubling issues in our lives. The stress of having too much to do was the most common theme in the entries, betrayal by one's body another, and being the victim of modern technology came in third. And there was even the goddess Gynadelphia who is rooting for professional baseball for women.

What a joy is the gift of womanly humor!

So 'till next month...

Love, Light, and Laughter


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