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February 2009      

The Goddess of Chocolate is Coming At You
in Three Part Harmony

A year in the making, our piece on the little-known Goddess of Chocolate will soon be arriving in your in-box. It's coming to you in 3 separate installments.

We loved her so much we just couldn't leave anything out!

So in a few days you'll get to read her myths and watch her 'morph' from a
fertility goddess (agriculture) into a real 'hotty', the Goddess of Chocolate, a goddess of romance, love and pleasure. The Goddess we associate with Valentine's Day.

After that let's all get together and do something outrageously rebellious. We'll enjoy a cup of cocoa -- something women and children were forbidden to do when it was known as the food of the gods. (Hard to imagine anyone ever sneaking around to break that rule, isn't it? )

But for now let's get in the mood by having some fun.

What's not to LOVE about chocolate?

Chocolate is the way the Goddess says She loves us.


Back at ya' soon with the stories of the Goddess of Chocolate.
In the meantime . . .

Remember to,

Rejoice in laughter.


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