Create A Goddess Contest
Summer, 2007

"Found goddesses" are modern deities . . . goddesses that, according to Barbara Ardinger, we create when we notice a need and meet it with a sense of humor. They are everyday goddesses meant to address modern situations that our goddess-loving ancestors never dreamt of.

Just as there are fertility goddesses and moon goddesses, we now have a pantheon of office goddesses. They include Phonia, Agendia, Stressa,  and my personal favorite Computa who protects you from annoying popups (except for the one on this page), computer viruses and the dreaded buildup of spam in your inbox.

The challenge will be to create a "found goddess" of your own. Fame and fortune await the winners. Deadline is September 1.

1. Prizes for five winning entries:

1st place:  A glass art goddess by Colin Heaney (View)

2nd and 3rd places: Autographed copies of Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type (our book) (View)

4th & 5th places:  A gift certificate to take the Goddess Quiz or the Greek Gods quiz. (Makes a wonderful gift for a friend if you've already taken the quiz.) (View)

All winning entries will be published in a fall edition of the Goddess Gift Newsletter.

And who knows? Maybe we could publish the entries as a "Little Book of Goddesses For Modern Times" ...I'm willing to try! Wouldn't that be exciting!

Details on how to submit your entry will follow in the next issues of the Goddess Gift Newsletter.

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Here's an example of a Found Goddess!

Cellphonia, Goddess of Perpetual Accessibility

Cellphonia is the great-great-granddaughter of Hermes, the Greek God of Communication. Some claim that the winds are created by the movement of her lips. Mortals become aware of her presence when they hear bells, chimes, or brief snippets of vaguely familiar songs (usually during movies, sermons, or symphony performances).

Most often seen by neighboring motorists in their rearview mirrors (for she is renown for her skill in 'tailgating'), Cellphonia is credited with the invention of the contemporary form of weaving (using traffic instead of a loom). She is generous in sharing information, advice and gossip with any who happen to be sitting quietly in her vicinity. Restaurants, airports, and hospital waiting rooms seem to be particularly sacred to this goddess..

Always accessible to all her friends, family, and business associations, the poor Cellphonia rarely gets a moment of peace. Her presence can be invoked by holding your right hand to your ear while making audible sounds with your lips and vocal cords. She is on-call 24/7. All you need do to invoke this goddess is give her a ring!

You can find more examples at: Goddesses 2005

Entry fee?? None, nada, no way. We ask only that you help us spread the word about the contest by recommending it to one of your friends. We'll send them an email telling them about the contest (and the newsletter) so they can enter too.

So don your thinking caps and get wildly creative as you invent a goddess for our times!

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