Goddess Path, Issue #008- Goodness!
August 06, 2003

Goddess Tara and the Story of the Hundreth Monkey

This Issue:Table of Contents

1. The Goddess Tara
2. The Story of "The 100th Monkey
3. Progress, Plans, and Parties
4. Honor Tara, be a monkey, and make a difference!

The Goddess Tara: The Mother of All Goddesses

The Goddess Tara is probably the oldest goddess still worshipped extensively. A version of the Goddess Tara exists in virtually every culture. In Sanskrit, the name Tara means Star, but she was also called She Who Brings Forth Life, The Great Compassionate Mother, and The Embodiment of Wisdom.

In Buddhist tradition, she is much greater than a goddess -- she is a female Buddha, an enlightened one was has attained the highest wisdom, capability and compassion. One who can take human form and remain in oneness with the universe.

There are many embodiments of Tara, but the best known are the peaceful, compassionate White Tara who protects and brings health, long life and peace, and the more dynamic Green Tara, who brings fertility to the earth, overcomes obstacles, and saves us from physical and spiritual danger.

She appeared to the Buddha when he beheld the suffering of the world. Tara rose from a lotus blossom in the lake that his tears had formed. Because of her goodness, she was granted the right to be incarnated as   a human man.

But Tara elected, instead,  to assume her human form as a woman.

To read more about the goddess Tara use this link.


The Hundreth Monkey

The story of the hundredth monkey emerged from a research project conducted on a Japanese island during the 1950's. It's an intriguing story.

The social behavior of a colony of Japanese monkeys had been under observation for over 30 years. The scientists started leaving sweet potatoes for the monkeys in the sand near a stream. The monkeys thought the yams were a real treat, but found the sand rather distasteful.

One day an 18 month old female monkey called Imo discovered that she could wash her potatoes in the nearby stream. She taught the trick to her mother and her playmates, who then taught the trick to their mothers as well.

Over a period of a few years all the young monkeys had learned to wash their sweet potatoes, but only the adults who were willing to imitate their children had adopted this improvement.

Now imagine this... one morning of the sixth year the sun rose and there were 99 monkeys on the island who had learned to wash their potatoes. Sometime during the day the hundredth monkey decided to give it a try.. Then a curious thing happened.....

By nightfall, every monkey on the island was washing sweet potatoes before eating them! Amazing, huh? But you haven't heard anything yet.....

The truly mind-blowing part was that observers on neighboring islands and the mainland (all separated from Imo's island by the ocean) suddenly reported that colonies of monkeys there had begun washing their sweet potatoes too!

What is the meaning of the 100th monkey?  It is this:   when a certain, critical number of minds share an intent or thought, this consciousness creates a field of energy that can be communicated in ways we don't ordinarily think possible. Call it an idea waiting to happen, dharma, or the power of prayer . . . it is an energy that modern physics is only beginning to explore.

Actually the 100 was just an estimate anyway. And it doesn't really matter whether you're the first monkey, the hundredth monkey, or the 49th.....the point is that there is a moment at which, if only one person picks up their part, the scales will tilt and social change will occur.

Maybe you are the hundredth monkey the world is waiting for!

Progress, Plans, and Let the Goddesses Gather

In the spirit of Tara and the 100th monkey, we are planning to add an Amber Alert feature to the Goddess Gift website. As most of you are probably aware, the odds of successfully recovering a child are greatest during the 48 hours following their kidnapping. We'll be joining numerous other websites in posting a "Please Watch for This Child" alert when a child goes missing in the US or Canada.

And speaking of plans . . .
  Party plans are also afoot at Goddess Gift, thanks to Dorothy, one of our subscribers.  As she so aptly put it, "we all long to be reminded of our higher self and to have laughter along our journey." Here's her wonderful story that arrived in our mailbox:


July 1 -- Dear Sharon,                       

Just wanted to give you a report on the Goddess Party that my daughter (who had taken the Goddess Quiz at the website) gave me for my 60th birthday which was held at a family reunion.  

We had a marvelous time - complete with goddess costumes (made by one sister), head pieces (made by each guest at the party), musical instruments, an original goddess processional song sung from the beach cottage in NC to the beach where the group divided into 2 units and collaborated to find items on the beach to present to the birthday goddess.

The most fun was telling the stories about why we chose a particular goddess that represented where we were at this point in our lives.  There were about 15 of us,  from my 96 yr. old mom to a college student and a bride-to-be.  We made a video and laugh harder every time we look at it.

Such a marvelous celebration.  Thanks for the web inspiration! 

July 14-- Dear Sharon,

Everyone that I have shared the party with was so excited about having their own Goddess Party!  Maybe you could add another segment to your website of Goddess Party ideas.


So here's the plan...we'll be putting up a party page at the website.

Ever had a goddess gathering? We'd love to hear about it!

How should one dress to attend such an event? (One of the best parties I ever attended was a "Come As You Aren't But Wish You Were" affair. Talk about a real conversation starter!)

And, of course, all recipes honoring a specific goddess will be gratefully accepted.  Just email me your ideas, and we'll get a page pieced together in time for next month's newsletter!

Honor Tara, Be A Monkey, and Make A Difference in the World

It's not "how much" you do that matters, how much time, money or energy you spend. The goddessesness is in your intent...simply to make someone feel better or to make the world a better place. That intent, a metaphysical energy, goes out into the world and gathers momentum. Here's a fun example to get you thinking:

Read about/sign-up for the "Found-Art Project" at  http://www.found-art.com . The basic idea is a lot like "practice random acts of kindness". You create a small  piece of art, (eg. a painted bookmark, a bundle of dried flowers tied up in a ribbon, a quilted potholder, a poem . . . whatever), attach a tag the website provides, and leave it in a public place for someone to "find". They can read about the piece of art and what you wanted it to convey by visiting the website.

Inspirational, Uplifting . . .What a great idea!

So share your goddessness with a stranger, and....

Grow in goodness,

The Goddess Path

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