Goddess Path, Issue #001 -- First Edition!
February 05, 2003

Here I am at the crossroads, calling on Hecate to show me which way to go with this newsletter. When I pull together all the bits and pieces I've collected to go in the newsletter, I realize I've got enough to make a small website!!

Just my luck, since the cardinal rule of writing a newsletter is Keep It Brief!

The only advice I'm getting from the Goddess of the Crossroads, is "Ask Them To Show You The Way". She's right : the single most important thing I could do is invite your feedback about what you would like for the newsletter to be.


So . . . Plans have changed!


This issue will be abbreviated. We will mail a separate issue on the subject of Valentine's Day next week.

And, we're hoping to entice you with a gift (bribe, small reward) to help us find our way....To reward you for your feedback, we'll send you a gift certificate that you can use for you or a friend to take the Goddess Quiz.


Goddess Gems: Jewels We Found To Share with You


Language of Light. Splendid site on the "energy" properties of various gemstones and metals. Gives you a real sense of why certain gems are associated with a specific goddess.

A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend. New book about the goddess within, written by an inspiring (and often humorous) writer who is an interfaith minister. Lots of information about meditations, rituals, and ways to invoke the goddess.

Crone's Corner. Found this important essay that ought to be of interest to all of us who are "women of a certain age", and all those who hope to be someday.


Psyche's Progress: Happenings at Goddess Gift


*Lot's of news--too much to include here--so I'll just hit the high points. For those who want "the rest of the story (and a great recipe for Aphrodite's Spinach Souffle . . . so good and easy that it's absolutely sinful! ) we've posted a web page with all the details. Just go to the Pandora's Box page.

*We've posted a new page on the Greek Goddesses. Check it out at: http://www.goddessgift.com/greek goddesses.htm

*Implementation of the Goddess Forum has been delayed by technical difficulties but we expect to have it functioning this week. We'll email you to let you know when we have it up and running.

*Put up the front page of Men, Myths, Minds, a site where men will be able to take the quiz and discover their "god archetype". Work on the site will have to wait until we've got the Goddess Gift site well-developed, but we did put up a page where men can order gift certificates for the "Goddess Quiz" for a Valentine gift.

*A few of the major search engines have FINALLY listed us, so hopefully we'll be having more visitors. (But don't stop telling your friends about us, you've done a great job of getting the word out!)

And we've been getting positive and enthusiastic feedback about the GoddessQuiz! Our thanks to all of you who wrote to let us know you liked it.

And, of course, this first issue of the e-zine/newletter, The Goddess Path.

This issue was coming together as a hodge podge of "stuff"...news about the site itself, humor, quotes to think about, links to other sites on the net that you might be interested in, and a few bits of "learnings" about a goddess-related subject (Valentine's Day this month).

Never at a loss for words (though often struggling with finding the "right ones"), I could use some help here. What would YOU like the newsletter to be? What kind of features or content would you like to see in it? Send us your ideas. Think it over and get back to me, either by replying to this email or by contacting me or by clicking on the "send me your ideas" link. I'll send your free gift certificate by email reply.


Finally, the sales pitch!
Don't forget that a gift certificate for the Goddess Quiz will make great Valentine's Day gifts for all the goddesses on YOUR list. Plus we're offering a package of 3 certificates for the price of 2! (3/$30).

Thanks for subscribing to The Goddess Path newsletter and for being patient while we try to "grow it" so that it provides you with interesting information that meets your needs. The "Valentine's Day Special Edition" will be mailed to you soon!

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