The Goddess Path  Issue #011

It's a Guy Thing!
November, 2003

This Issue: Table of Contents

1. Brothers and Sisters, Sisters and Brothers
Witches and Broomsticks
3. Featured Goddess: Demeter

Some things never change . . .

As usual, I always grossly underestimate the time it's going to take, but . . . (sound of drum rolls, trumpets).....

Artemis delivers her twin, Apollo, and there is an addition to our family!

We are pleased to announce the official launching of Goddess Gift's companion site Men, Myths, Minds.

Like the Goddess Gift website, Men, Myths, Minds focuses on the gods, their stories and symbols, and offers an Archetype Quiz and Report for men. The site will be devoted to exploring the use of archetypes in men's quest for masculine maturity.

Help us get the site off to a good start by telling all the special guys in your life about the site and the Quiz.

To celebrate the launch we are offering the Archetype Quiz (Gods Report) at a special introductory price of $12, a 20% savings.

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Just click on the link at the right to go to take advantage of these savings. Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might be interested.

You've read the story at Goddess Gift of how Artemis came to deliver her twin brother Apollo. Now you can hear the rest of the story. Check out what happened to Apollo.

Grab the broomstick, Halloween is almost here.

Ever wonder why witches are associated with broomsticks? Here's the answer in a ancient times the witches were associated with cleanliness, as herbalists, midwives, and healers they occupied important positions in their community and they stood for cleanliness as a good health practice. And they wielded there brooms to rid the homes of their "patients" of filth, dirt, mold, stale energy, not to mention spiders.

You can read the whole story by following this link: White Witches and Broomsticks The article contains complete instructions for how to renew the spiritual energy in your house (a wicca sort of Feng Shui) by wielding your broomstick in the appropriate manner. Full instructions for the house-cleansing ritual are provided in the article.

November's Featured Goddess: Demeter

Demeter, goddess of the bountiful harvest reminds us to be thankful of what we have.  There's only one more thing that we need . . . a grateful heart. You can read the story of Demeter here.

So clear off a small area somewhere (a tabletop, bookshelf, etc.) and adorn it with a topping (a napkin, perhaps) and a candle (Demeter's colors are gold, orange and green). Each day during November, add a new "centerpiece". Choose an object that represents something that you are thankful for, a child's toy, a family photo, a pebble, an autumn leaf, a pretty plate with a chocolate chip cookie . . . whatever.

Take just a couple of minutes at dusk each evening to light the candle and think on how your life, difficult though it may seem at times, has been blessed. And remind yourself to:

Cherish the relationships you have with those who do love you.

Think about all we your "gifts". And what you are doing each day to "grow" yourself mentally, physically, emotionally.

Demeter will be the goddess featured this month in the screensaver's meditations. (By the way,  if you Windows users want one, you can download it at:  Goddess Screensaver.

Highlights From Our Progress Report:

Here's a link for those of you who like to read our monthly progress report in full:

We're thankful for your letters of support ( mail for us!) It keeps us going.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Demeter and . . .
Bountiful be,

The Goddess Path

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