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The Create A Goddess Contest

 What talent! What imaginations!! What fun!!!

The mission was to create a  modern goddess to help us deal with those distinctly modern problems that the ancients never had to face. To give us a good laugh at our selves and the crazy, hectic lives we lead as contemporary women.

Now here are the results you've all been waiting for . . .

5-6 (Tie) Blessed Marigold
                       Our Lady of Protection in Household Chores

Blessed Marigold wraps our hands in her golden yellow body of protection and guides us through that most loathsome of life's trials - housework! She tenderly guides and protects us through the horrors of hot soapy water, cleaning products, dirty ovens, filthy floors, unspeakable bathrooms and grimy windows. Her golden yellow protection is strong and durable, yet soft and pliable.                                                                                      
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 ~ Doreen Hopwood 
    Alexandria, Scotland, UK 

Prize:  A gift certificate to take the Goddess Quiz or the Greek Gods quiz. (View)

5-6 (Tie)  Flaunta
                   The Goddess of Confidence       

Flaunta, The Goddess of Confidence can be found in the compact mirror of women everywhere. She may be viewed as over confident and snobbish, but that is because the ones around her misunderstand her capabilities.   
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 ~  Ginger  
     Santa Clarita, CA, US

Prize:  A gift certificate to take the Goddess Quiz or the Greek Gods quiz. (View)

4. Menopausia 
      Goddess of Wisdom and Remembrance

Menopausia, Goddess of Wisdom and Remembrance helps us remember where our shoes and keys are, where we left our pocketbook and guides us through hot sweats, mood swings and bouts of forgetfulness.  
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 ~ Susan Heller Fisher   
     Hauppage, NY, US

Prize: A goddess aromatherapy oil diffuser. (View)

3. The Triple Goddess Hormonae
      Our Lady of the Perpetual Cycle

Like the other Triple Goddesses, Hormonae, through her three different yet complementary aspects, evokes all that is womanly. With Hormonae those faces seem to be: the good, the bad, and the ugly.     
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~ Anna Maya
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

Prize: A goddess aromatherapy oil diffuser.  

2. DanceItOffYa!

Our Lady of the Heart and Soul Boogie, DanceItOffYa moves and grooves, casting off those cares and worries with every wiggle, jiggle, and, yes, even a giggle or two!   
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~ Sheryl Strayer
    Le Roy, Illinois, USA

Prize: A goddess aromatherapy oil diffuser. (View)

1. Corpora Amoroso 
      She Who Banishes Belly Shame

With so many women in our modern world convinced that their bodies are inadequate too fat, too skinny, bootie too big or small, breasts too saggy, etc, etc. . . . and a culture that continuously reinforces our insecurities about our bodies . . . we are deeply in need of the Goddess of Body Love.
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~  Cathy Moore 
    Townsend, MA, US
~ The Goddess Dancing - Belly Dance for Body, Mind & Spirit ~

Prize: A goddess statue by the acclaimed glass artist Colin Heaney (View)

And A Special Unannounced Award for
The Next Generation :: The Up 'n Comer Award

 Goddess Maramadyn
       The Goddess of Growing

Maramadyn helps all things grow. Just to name a few things she helps us grow . . . crops, bones, children, grass, flowers, trees,  sheep, goats, hair, and anything else you can think of.                                                       
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~  Maria Soyka (age 11)       
    Newtown,  PA, USA

   Prize: Burleigh Muten's   beautifully illustrated Goddesses Of  Myth and Magic.

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Enormous thanks go to:

~  Our celebrity judges who were called upon to make some difficult choices. Check out their bios below.

~ Every one of you who shared your talent by creating a goddess. We need them all.

~ Those who voted for their favorites,  and to

SelfHealingExpressions.com who generously offered an additional prize to one of the lucky winners, a scholarship to take their Discovering the Goddess course.  Be sure to check out this wonderful e-course by using the link in the Rev. Laurie Sue's bio. below.

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