The Goddess Path  Issue #33

In the Spirit of Mabon: Legends of the Stones
mid-September, 2005

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Legends of the Stones
(Special time-limited offer for Goddess Path subscribers)
and Welcoming Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox

Tomorrow marks the official 'end of summer' and the beginning of the new year based on the natural cycles of the earth. How lucky we are this Autumnal Equinox  to mark the arrival of two wonderful books for those searching to reclaim their ancient, inner wisdom.

Persephone leaves to return to her role as Queen of the Underworld (or in psychological terms, the unconscious, the super-conscious, the spirit, the soul). The folk belief was that this was the time of the year when the 'veil between the worlds', the earth and the otherworld, was thinnest and most easily penetrated, when the laws of space and time were temporarily suspended, a time of magic when the spirit world could intermingle with the living.

It is Mabon, the fall festival. The crops have been harvested. Now as the nights begin to lengthen it is time to become more reflective. Less 'doing' . . . and more 'reading', the perfect autumnal occupation.

Several of us have joined Elaine Sonne, the author of the newly released Legends of the Stones, to put together a wonderful package of gifts for those who buy her book from on September 21. This is one of the reasons, I'm give you a chance to pick up these incredible gifts and the wonderful book.

Elaine will tell you about the book (and the gifts) in her own words, but I wanted you to know that she is a creative and gifted storyteller who designs jewelry, incorporating mythical themes in her work to inspire women to get in touch with their authentic selves. She is convinced that wearable art is a unique pathway to empowerment--that jewelry and gems promote our personal evolution and awaken the "wild, sleeping self".

Legends of the Stones explores not only gemology and legends, but the use of tools such as archetypes, Tarot, chakra healing, Feng Shui, I Ching, calligraphy, labyrinths, fortune-telling traditions, and the interpretation of fairy tales and myths. . . a fascinating quest that I know many of you would enjoy.

So, if you're interested be sure to check out the newsletter--it's a letter from Elaine that tells your more about the book and how to get your special gifts.

And, from the staff at the Goddess Path, enjoy Mabon and don't forget to:

Shine your light into the world
for You are a real gem,

The Goddess Path

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