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A Goddess Can Be 'Found'

Goddess Gift Book   Several of you have written to Goddess Gift saying you've had trouble finding the 'found goddesses' that newsletter subscribers created many moons ago in an annual contest . . . and asking for help in locating one of your favorites.

Inventing so many delightful (And did I mention diverse?) goddesses for modern times was a test designed for a goddess and boy were our subscribers up for the challenge!

So we've decided to put up this page with links so you can find the 'Best of Show' in the 'Conjure Up a Goddess for These Times' contest.

Hope you enjoy them all over again!

On money worries: Check out the Goddess AwayithDaBill (& get out of debt), Stretchucanna (make a little go a long way!), Goddess Barcoda (find the good buys).

On beauty & believing in your own: Flaunta is the go-to goddess and Corpora Amaroso, will help you really believe! Goddesses, you can Eat What You Wanna without worrying about the extra pounds. Dance It Off Ya! is there to help you take 'em off.

Technology got ya' down? Respectfully enter the shrine of Iva, the Diva : Goddess of High Tech and be sure to spend some time with her priestess  The Goddess Un-Send while you're there, especially if you ever answer your email after a glass or two of wine.

Zip through the housework with Yellow Gloves, and you'll have plenty of time to practice your parenting skills with the help of the goddesses Mamma More and Tantra and help the kiddies grow by calling on Maramadyn.

Is too much change stressing you out?? Talk to Randuhma and the goddess Anew! Relax and heal with Aroma-Thelia at the end of the day. (And P.S., for all you travel agents out there, de-stress with the goddess Agentia.)

And yes, there is a deity to call on in those troublesome times, whether it's PMS (Goddess Hormonae) or when she's moved on and Menopausia arrives.


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