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Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type


“Sharon Turnbull gives readers a gift of goddesses in this enjoyable and enlightening book. For women and anyone who loves a woman, this is a treasure
of a book.”

~ Patricia Monaghan, author of The Goddess Path and The Goddess Companion

“These are very large, life changing ideas. Read this book, do the personality tests included (it is how you find which goddess you are), and turn on some light. Sister, you deserve the light . . . .”

~ Jo Carson, Award winning playwright and author of Spider Speculations

"No matter what the situation, this book is the guide for women seeking to reconnect with their goddess archetype to get through each day with an authentic goddess glow. How does a modern gal reconnect with the ancient goddess energy? Goddess Gift proves it’s a simple and enriching process. ‘Poor little old me’ becomes ‘hellooo GODDESS!’

~ Anita Ryan, author of The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality and Moon Goddess - Manifest Your Dreams

 Goddess Gift is a must have for every woman living in our modern world, and for deeper understanding of 'self'. Christianity quashed the pagan reign, building churches over ancient temples and their powerful ch'i, yet the goddess never died out: she awaits our newly found dedication to her ways, and Goddess Gift will guide you there. Brava for this brilliant work.

~ Jeanne Elizabeth Blum, author of Woman Heal Thyself and The Tao of Piercing: Ancient wisdom for contemporary health and pleasure

“With mythic image and time-honored story,
Goddess Gift illustrates and validates the rich diversity of women's personalities. Sharon Turnbull gives us a graceful way to understand and use personality as a medium for expressing our inner essence in the outer world.”

~ Lisa Sarasohn, author of The Woman’s Belly Book:  Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure